Bloodrage leaders

The Chief of the Bloodrage, and his sons, Ray'd and Krunch

The Bloodrage Tribe, or Bloodrage Clan[1],is a tribe of Bloodrage residing in the North. In the comic, they take a form similar to Tauren but also can be compared to the Greek minotaur. They seem to have long lifespans or at least remain fit longer than humans.

The Bloodrage were mostly wiped out after being used by the Legara in order to weaken the Sisters and other Northlanders. Once Legara attacked, however, they found allies among the Sisters, Gnomes, and Trolls. However, when Cale'anon left to find the Sons of Exile, he returned to find the battle lost and the Bloodrage gone. Their fate has not yet been revealed.

It's forbidden for a Bloodrage to even talk to a Sister.

Notable MembersEdit


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