Cover of Issue I

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Book 1 is the first issue in the Looking For Group-series.

Once, it was called Issue I - however, using roman numerals obviously became problematic to the authors at some point when a lot of issues had been made.

The following characters made their first apperances in Book 1: Cale'anon Vatay, Richard, Benn'joon, Temmet Aelloon, Sooba, Krunch Bloodrage, Toyk, Fitch, Stoll, Styx, Tim, Mr. Crolo, and Wil. Although unnamed at the time Willie also made an appearance, and Hctib Elttil was mentioned but not shown. The Bloodrage Chief and Ray'd were hinted at but neither shown nor mentioned by name.

Nestorep, Mechastone and the Pit of Despair also made their first appearances, and the Capital was mentioned once.