Cover of Issue II

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Book 2, once called Issue II, is the second issue in the Looking For Group-franchise.

The following characters returned in Book 2: Cale'anon Vatay, Krunch Bloodrage, Richard, Benn'joon, and Sooba. Temmet Aelloon did not make an actual appearance, but was mentioned once.

Many new characters were added to the story, including Leena, the King of Gamlon, Tavor, Centa, Tah'vraay, Fuerst, and Gosep. The King of the Legion and the Archmage of Kethenecia were mentioned.

None of the locations from Book 1 returned in this issue, but many new ones were introduced, like the castle of Gamlon, the Port of Tyne, the Ketten Wastelands, and Kethenecia. The Wetlands and the Treeal Shrines were also mentioned, but did not appear.