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Cale'anon Vatay, or Cale to his friends, is an Elven hunter and central figure of the group.[note 1]


First Appearance: Page 1

Book 13 FlashbackEdit

Young Cale and Shora

During their first encounter young Cale'anon tries to rescue Shora from a bandit gang.

As a child Cale'anon Vatay trained martial arts and studied the paths of peace in the Beacon of Hope with four other young elves, including Clada and Notan. Their teacher was an elder elf whom they refered to as "master", who taught them and prepared them so that one day they could protect the weak. One day, when the day's training session ended, Cale'anon was allowed to continue his sword practice alone. Then he heard an explosion and headed towards it alone - and found a group of bandits were attacking innocent people, among them a young Shora, and her Sooba cub. He attempted to save them from one of the bandits. This almost ended disastrously for Cale, and very well could have been the end of his life, were it not for the intervention of someone Shora referred to as "the dark man".[1] Cale'anon and Shora woke up in the care of Cale's master. Sooba took a liking to Cale'anon during this time. For many years after that Shora watched when Cale'anon and the four other students trained. He was secretly married to Shora, but the master knew that he would not leave the place with her remaining here, so he made her kiss one of the other students, watching Cale'anon run away in tears. Then the master killed Shora to make sure Cale would not return either.

Book 1Edit

Cale'anon starts his adventure

Cale'anon starts his adventure.

Eventually, Cale'anon got over it, and put his mind to setting out on an adventure to become the greatest hero history had ever known and help people in distress. He soon met the less than morally upstanding warlock Richard in a forest who introduced the young elf to evil deeds. Cale'anon disliked Richard's ways and decided to leave the warlock, but Richard casted a fire spell that turned the elf to ashes - and then collect the ashes in a small sack. And so, in a sack on a stick, Cale'anon was forced along with Richard to the dwarven town of Nestorep where they entered the local tavern. Here they found the priestess Benn'joon, while she was being assaulted by a group of bullies. She agreed to heal Cale'anon for the gold payment, but before she could get started she was interrupted by Temmet Aelloon to whom she owed money. Benn'joon threatened Aelloon that she held the remnants of a mighty warrior who had pledged his life to hers, and summoned forth Cale'anon - at first being confused whether the elf was a male or a female, then impressed with his sword-skills. That was when Cale'anon called for Sooba's aid, but to his embarassment the panther jumped on the elf instead. And when things looked very grim, Richard surprised everyone with his necromancy-spell, turning Aelloon's men into undead servants of the warlock.

The group escaping

The group escapes the dragons of the Legion.

Cale'anon, Richard, Benny and Sooba left Nestorep and escaped into the forest, where the elf was horrified to find out that he has just fought a commander of the King's Legion - and that they were soon attacked by a Dragon of the Legion. They were freed from the dragon's grip by a brave friend of Benn'joon's, called Krunch Bloodrage, performing a powerful tackle on the dragon. Krunch reported that there was a full wing of dragons looking for the priestess, and they escaped to the nearby mountain. They broke into the mountain and plotted their next move from the inside. Although Cale'anon rejected killing any more people of the law, he decided to tag along for Benny's quest to find the Sword of Truth, which could pay back her debt to the commander without having to kill him.

Cale'anon in Gnome Uniform

Cale'anon tries out the Mechastone Defense Force uniform.

Continuing their journey through the caverns inside the mountains, lead them to a gnome sentry who told them not to proceed. They did it anyway after Richard engulfed the sentry's head in flames. However, the group was soon attacked by an army of gnome soldiers, and they entered into a battle that resulted in 126 lost gnome lives. Cale'anon finally convinced the others to stop the fighting and talk their way out of it. The gnomes took the group into their city called Mechastone and brought them before Chief Engineer Toyk. Cale'anon negotiated with the Chief Engineer, and accidently contracted himself, Krunch, Benny and Richard into the Mechastone Defense Force - on a mission to kill the Troll Lord Stoll, who had invaded the gnome lands for the sole purpose of taking their ore stockpiles. In return, Toyk would tell the group where to find the Sword of Truth. A gnome soldier called Fitch lead them out of the mountain, towards Stoll, but they ended up walking straight into a marching Troll army. On the front ranks were the trolls Tim and Styx who both seemed quite friendly to the approaching group - because of Tim being dumb, Cale'anon mistook the entire army for being stupid half-breed trolls, and openly asked where to find Stoll so that they could kill him. Even though Tim took a strange liking to Cale'anon, Styx and the other trolls reacted to the Elf's question by imprisoning the entire group, and splitting them up; Priestess Benny and Richard going to the Pit of Despair, while Styx lead Krunch, Cale'anon and Fitch directly to Lord Stoll. Before entering they tricked Styx into believing that they were mercenaries in conflict with the gnomes, and Krunch proved it by killing Fitch.

Tim and Cale'anon

Cale'anon finds a use for Tim's love.

Lord Stoll knew of the Bloodrage lineage and was an ally of Krunch's father. Like the Chief Engineer, the troll lord also offered revealing of the Sword of Truth's location to the group if killing his enemy. Krunch agreed on the terms, but soon after betrayed the troll warlord and killed him. Cale'anon and Krunch were then seized by Styx and the trolls. After Cale'anon asked Tim for aid, and Richard and Benny breaking free from the Pit of Despair, and also, the Mechastone Defense Force attacking the troll camp simuntaneously, the group managed to break free and unite once again. They aided the Defense Force in driving out the troll army, and in the end got a scroll from Chief Engineer Toyk as promised. The group then left to find the Sword of Truth!

Book 2 Edit

Cale'anon entering the portal

Cale'anon enters the Shriek's portal.

The group continued their quest for the Sword of Truth, using Toyk's scroll to find their way. It lead them to some old castle ruins where they were to find "the Shriek" - who would reveal the real location of the forgotten city of justice, Kethenacia - which was where the sword lied. Krunch explained that the pure one among them would draw out the Shriek, and coincidentally Cale'anon soon stumbled upon a ghost and a young girl. The latter explained to them that the ghost could direct their path but required that they knew the past first. Then she created a portal, that only Cale'anon was allowed to enter due to his innocence.

Gamlon vs Vulii Fight

Cale'anon fights alongside Tavor against the Vulii Elves.

Cale'anon is taken back to the time where the castle was still intact and he learns that the elven people inside are of the elven Gamlon nation and that they were preparing for a war with the evil Vulii elves. Cale'anon is discovered by the King of Gamlon and Tavor and believed to be another country lord coming to their defense. He asked them about Kethenacia, and the King replied that it had failed them. Tavor brought Cale'anon to a position suitable for a lord, observing the people of Gamlon defending their home. He was happy to learn that the Elven were not always evil and revealed that the King is all that Cale had ever aspired to be. Cale'anon noticed that the King's daughter, Leena, looked exactly like the young girl they met at the castle ruins back in present time, but the Vulii army succeeded in breaking their enemies' defenses, and struck down the king. The King ordered Tavor to take the girl to the catacombs where she would be preserved by the ancient magics, and then lead the remaining people through a portal to the Wetlands. However, Tavor, Cale'anon and Leena were ambushed in the catacombs - and Tavor's death wish was that Cale took his swords and saved the princess. He grabbed the blades, but before he could attack, he was pulled back to the present day, and ends up impaling Richard with the swords instead.

Following the Vulii Fight

Krunch, Cale'anon and Benny about to discover the magic in Tavor's blades.

The group revealed to Cale'anon that they had been fighting a group of Elven bandits for days, while Cale was gone. Cale'anon angrily demanded that they kept fighting the descendants of the Vulii. They easily defeated them, and the group wondered what had gotten into Cale'anon. Leena, a.k.a. the Shriek, touched Cale'anon's face, telling him that he now had the knowledge to find Kethenacia - and in turn he promised her to adhere the commands of her father, completing Tavor's duty. She left them, and everyone were pleased to find out that the map to Kethenacia is revealed upon the blades of Tavor's swords once they are bathed in blood. Krunch announced that their first stop will be the port of Tyne.

Fighting at Sea

Cale'anon and the crew of The Father's Bones fighting the Legion forces.

In Tyne they decided to buy provisions and hire a ship. After Krunch revealed the map in public Captain Tah'vraay and the rest of The Father's Bones's crew decided to take them for a price of ten crowns a piece, demanding that they purchase their provisions from her. The group accepted and sailed unto the ocean. Soon they came across a Legion ship, and the captain commanded her crew to the battle stations. They succeeded in sinking the enemy ship after Richard fired up the entire mast of The Father's Bones, and Krunch threw it at them.

Dragon Eyes

Cale'anon thrusting Tavor's swords into the defeated sand dragon's eyes.

Not long after the encounter, the Father's Bones arrived at the Ketten Wastelands and the party left Captain Tah'Vraay's crew, and begun their journey into the desert. Here they encountered a sand dragon, and Krunch demanded that Cale'anon thrusted his swords into its eyes in order for them to find Kethenecia. It worked, and an actual path to the legendary city was revealed.

Book 3 Edit

The Statue

The group discovering the Statue of characters bearing an odd resemblence to themselves.

The group enters Kethenecia together, only to find it entirely empty with the exception of Tavor's pressence. Tavor explains that his oath to protect the princess would not end with his death. The old Elf takes them around the city, revealing to them a statue of gold depicting all of them together - and behind the statue a portal leading to the city's past, requiring Richard's powers to open it. The Warlock succeeds by crucifying himself, and Cale'anon, Benny, Krunch, Sooba, Tavor and Richard are sucked into the portal, only to be approached by the Keeper of the Way, and then proceeding without much thought.

In old Kethenecia

Cale'anon besides Krunch, who suggests leaving Sooba behind in Bertu to guard the sleeping Richard.

They arrive at Kethenecia's past, in a little village outside of the city called Bertu. They leave the sleeping Richard and Sooba to guard him, in an alley and steps out to the main street. Here, they realize that this nation is actually about to go to war to aid the Gamlon nation. However, a general passing by reveals that they have been ordered to take the lengthiest route imaginable, despite Gamlon's grim situation. One of the general's men, Vaycon, points at Krunch and warning his general that a "chained one" is loose. The general orders his men to attack the Bloodrage, but is stopped by an archmage who orders them to bring all of the newcomers to his tower. In the tower, the archmage explains the current situation of Kethenecia to the group - and that their armies are compromised of soldiers with varrying loyalties, which means that their army was marching not to aid Gamlon, but to get it away from Kethenecia. The archmage directs them to the ancient catacombs beneath the citadel, elaborating that there might be relics of interest to the group. He asks them to destroy the anchor, while the city's general fends off the invaders. However, Tavor is angry with the decisions to ignore the calls from Gamlon and threatens to murder the archmage, but is stopped by Richard who just entered the room after having slain everyone in Bertu, freezing Tavor down. Meanwhile, one of the general's men come to report the horrible slaughters in Bertu, and also reveals that the invaders are faster than anticipated on foot and wings. The general is ordered to meet them on the field with the Homeguard, while the group is sent down to the catacombs to slay the anchor.

Loss of Innocense

Cale'anon about to lose his innocense.

On their way through the panicking streets they are stopped by a wooden door and Cale'anon stops to wonder how to get through. The door is cleaved up from the inside by a dwarven woman called Pella of Clan Breem who had expected them and tells them to follow. She leads them to a secret passage through a bookshelf finally leading them to the city catacombs. Here, they meet the Guardians of Eight - their leader wielding the Sword of Truth. The Guardians decide to join the war for the city, along with the group - which, for the first time ever follows the command of Cale'anon into battle for the sake of good. After battling for a while, the leader of the Guardians tell them to go into the nearby labyrinth to find and kill the anchor. The labyrinth is easily passed, but to Cale'anon's great horror the anchor is a young boy, an innocent child, and the elf is unable to kill him. And before Cale'anon can make up his mind, Tavor arrives with the head of the Guardian leader's decaptiated head and the Sword of Truth, attacking the group to save the child. However, Cale'anon finally makes up his mind and kills the anchor, rescuing the city from the attack by hiding it to the invaders. And casting the group back into the future Kethenecia.

Book 4 Edit

Cale'anon being awesome

Cale'anon slaying an elemental in an epic way.

Returning to present day Kethenecia Cale'anon enters a sulking state, doing nothing but staring upwards. One day Benn'joon comes across a messenger called Milos asking for help as his home village is being destroyed by elementals. Benny passes on the request to Cale'anon who strangely mutters that he will only help as long as he can be paid. On their way to the village, the group is witnessing the return of Richard's imp, Hctib Elttil, who puts on an amulet around its masters neck turning the warlock into a smaller state - and then runs off. The group finally arrive at the valley where Milos' village is located, and notice how it is completely surrounded by elementals. Cale'anon impresses everyone with his improved battlestyle, and the village is quickly rid of the elemental danger. Milos introduces the group to the village's Lord Gaten who invites them to a meeting in the keep. Before they go, however, Cale'anon hands out orders to secure the town - acting like a true leader - and the commands are followed blindly by the rest of the group. Back at the keep Lord Gaten explains how one of his young villagers, Jarl by name, recently found a magical chalice that called down upon the village the wrath of the elements. Shortly after Lord Gaten is done explaining their situation the village is once again besieged by the elementals and the group of course helps protect its people. Cale'anon and Pella decide to leave the town to try and find the source of the elementals' wrath, but get to rescue the little Richard first.

Friendly Cale

Cale'anon announces the future of the party.

Cale'anon and Pella finds Jarl sitting with the chalice in his hands at the center of the attacking force, somewhere in the nearby forest. The elf can easily tell that the chalice has been corrupting the young man's mind, and before long Jarl animates a tree behind Cale'anon and Pella, which successfully devours the two. They manage to cleave themselves out from the inside, only to notice how the rest of the group have continuingly fought the elementals and finally captured Hctib Elttil and Richard sent him back to the demonic realm. Jarl walks up to them, and the voices of the chalice speaks through him that they are the Phares, the natural elements who had long ago imbued themselves in relics - like Jarl's chalice. It is revealed that Hctib Elttil tricked the Phares into attacking Lord Gaten's village, so peace is finally restored. When Gaten explains of the village's dry land, the Phares summon forth an enormous wave of water, which unfortunately ends up flooding the land.

Cale'anon as King

Cale'anon gaining his first servants.

Seeing that the group's job is done, Krunch and Benn'joon announces that they will leave the party, trying to repay their debt to Commander Aelloon. However, Cale'anon tells them to stay, and live only to protect the villagers - in their new shared home, Kethenecia. They all accept, and start their journey back to the empty city with Lord Gaten and the villagers - escaping the rising water levels. Cale'anon asks Richard for help rescuing the people and in turn promising to let the warlock go on a rampage in Legarion afterwards. Richard grabs the chalice, in the process clearing Jarl from their mind control, and lowers the water level - and Cale'anon can finally lead the people to Kethenecia. Once they are in Kethenecia, Cale'anon assures them that they are safe there, and that the Phares have agreed to replace the Sand Dragons as guardians of the city's people. However, surprisingly Lord Gaten and his villagers pledges themselves as servants of Cale'anon.

Book 5 Edit


Cale'anon approaching the commander.

As Cale'anon promised to Richard, the group temporarily leaves Lord Gaten and the people in Kethenecia to themselves, and head back across the ocean on a small boat to Legarion. Their mission is nothing less than taking down the entire Kingdom of Legara and wipe clean the stain of the Vulii. Krunch is curious why the kingdom has broken the ancient truce and moved north of the river Draipen onto No Man's Land - so they head to the closest fort sporting Legara's colors. Richard creates a diversion before Cale'anon and the others attack. Cale'anon paves his way to the commander's office, and make an attempt at interrogating the man, but he defends himself. The entire group is imprisoned in the dungeons below the fort, and are tortured in turns by Landor. During his torturing session Cale'anon learns that set up a dozen of bases in No Man's Land about to invade the lands. With a collaborative effort by Krunch and Pella the party manages to escape the dungeon, and fight their way through the soldiers in the fort, and are finally rescued by Krunch's brother, War Leader Ray'd Bool of the Bloodrage Tribe. Ray'd brought a band of warriors with him, and the druid Dorel.


Cale'anon, Benn'joon, Richard and Pella are surrounded by the Sisters.

Together with the band of Bloodrage the group leaves the fort, and Ray'd takes the time explaining what had happened to their tribe in Krunch's absense. Richard manages to anger a by-passing giant, and they take it down. Then they return to the Bloodrage's home city, only to find it destroyed by a series of recent attacks. While Krunch and Ray'd go to argue with their father, Cale'anon, Benn'joon, Richard and Pella are surrounded by the Sisters. The warlock starts singing and then initiates the fight with the Sisters and everyone else joins in.

Book 6 Edit

Tim and Cale'anon 2

Cale'anon and Tim reunites.

Cale'anon and the others continue their fight with the Sisters and their golems. When the Sisters start a spell, about to banish their enemies to the Plane of Suck, Richard interrupts them and thus the warlock is the only one banished. The others win the war, and start rebuilding the city. Cale'anon is joyfully working hard all day, glad to finally be doing something peaceful instead of only causing destruction. Unknown to him, however, is that what he have been helping the others build is siege weapons. He obviously got angry when he realized the truth and wandered off alone, and a short distance away from the city Tim arrives to bring a message from Chief Engineer Toyk - that the gnomes wish to join them in their war against the Legion. Cale'anon brings the message to the Bloodrage Chief's room - where Krunch reveals that he have been contacting many of the other smaller factions, in an attempt to unite the north against Legara. The Chief got Cale'anon to build lodgings for the gnomes, and soon after Toyk arrives and peace negotiations start between him and the Chief.

Cale, Tim & Sooba on Adventure

Cale unimpressed with the choice of companions, just before entering the domain of the Sisters.

One evening, Krunch and Cale'anon are standing on the walls of the Bloodrage city, observing Benn'joon and Pella leaving the place together. Krunch then ask Cale'anon to go on a diplomatic mission to the Sisters, with Tim and Sooba by his side. Cale'anon agrees, and arrive at a temple of theirs. Unfortunately, Tim blows out a holy fire of theirs, and Sooba pees on the floor - leaving the diplomacy very difficult for Cale'anon. As the Sisters are about to kill Cale, they are interrupted by the Matron - who listens to Cale'anon's suggestion of an alliance, and accepts if he is able to bring back the Matron's true-born pirate daughter Tah'vraay from the capital. Cale'anon sets out to bring back her daughter with Tim and Sooba, and is soon joined by Pella, Benn'joon who had managed to bring back Richard from the Plane of Suck.

Book 7 Edit

They're there

Cale'anon, Richard, Pella and Benn'joon arriving in Legara.

Cale'anon is briefing the situation to the others when they arrive at a beach - where Richard reunites with his bunny. Soon, they reach the Great Wall of Legara - built by the Black Dwarves of Pella's lineage. They leave Tim and Sooba behind, while Richard, Cale'anon, Benn'joon and Pella cheat their way through the guards. They walk in a long time across swamps, hills and mountains, and finally arrive at the capital city of Legara. They walk through the streets for hours, mostly through the outer quarters. That is when Benn'joon meets her old husband, Rojave, and although she clearly hates the man she asks his help getting to the Matron's pirate daughter. However, Rojave rejects, and a battle begins - the man eventually corners Benn'joon in a corner and is about to strike her down, when a united attack from Pella, Cale'anon and Richard kills him. The night ends and the group proceeds their search the following day, and come across the entrance to the city's underground dungeons.

Fiery Cale vs Golems

Cale'anon fighting the Golems with Richard's powers.

They make a plan that involves Cale'anon wearing Richard's gloves, and he entering the dungeon alone, getting captured, finding the captain, and then find his way out with the pirate daughter. He gets captured as planned, and is brought along with all the other new prisoners to hear a speech, introducing them to their new lives in "the Cave", whereafter the prisoners must step forward to receive their respective assignments. Once Cale'anon has been sent to do his chores, he realizes that Richard is withim him because of the gems in the gloves and can use fire spells through Cale. Because of the magic the elf quickly earns the respect of two other prisoners, who take him to Tah'vraay - a gravestone with her braids on. Saddened, Cale reaches out for the hair, but falls through the grave, which was nothing but an illussion to cover for the secret entrance to Tah-vraay's under-underground domain where she is alive and well. Cale'anon reveals the situation about the Legion crossing the wall, and she reveals that she has an entire army (The Sons of Exile) down there in her secret domain, and is planning to attacking the Legion with it soon. Cale'anon decides to help her and thus walks alone to an enormous gate, which he can open with Richard's powers. On the other side he enters a mysterious realm on the other side - a path through nothingness guarded by powerful golems, and fights a losing battle with them.

Book 8 Edit

Beaten Cale

Cale'anon got beat by the golems.

The golems throw Cale'anon down into the nothingness, leaving one of Richard's gems behind. Richard escapes the realm, and teams up with Pella and Benn'joon, Tah'vraay and the Sons of Exile - who later rescues Cale from his death in the mysterious realm and brings him back to "the Cave". They escape the dungeon and Cale'anon is in charge as they journey north with the army. At one point he asked Richard to scout ahead of the army, and the Warlock then asked his bunny companion. Cale'anon is frustrated with the slow pace of the army's march for quite a while. On their way they encounter a group of small furry creatures deciding to tag along, and finally they make it all the way to Bloodrage Island, only to find that they've been too late and it is in ruins.

Book 9 Edit

Cale'anon reunites with Sooba.

Benn & Cale

Benn'joon thanking Cale'anon after he decided that the two of them, Pella and Ray'd will go to Mechastone.

With the battle apparantly lost, Captain Tah'Vraay decide to leave the group with the Sons of Exile - to Cale'anon's sadness. He proceeds to comfort Benn'joon, telling her that he won't believe the others had all died - and that they will track the legion. And so they did, interrogating the soldiers on the way - finally realizing that the Legion's next step is attacking the Sisters at their Citadel. Sooba attacks a stranger called Maikos in the forest - a man from a little village up the coast. Maikos seek the village's missing mayor - who appears to be Richard. Their village had recently been attacked and had been overrun - Richard leaves with Maikos to save his village. He takes the bunny and Sooba with him. Meanwhile, a humanoid ape riding an ostritch, arrives with a letter for Cale'anon - a letter from Styx, saying he discovered a portal overseas. And soon after, Cale realizes that Richard is still with him, at least partly through the gloves. As Cale'anon, Benn'joon and Pella continue their quest alone through the forest - they are soon ambushed by dwarves. The attackers are all killed except for one who is interrogated - and leads them to a badly damaged Ray'd. Ray'd explained the bad outcome of the war on Bloodrage Island, and that the others might still be alive if they followed Toyk to Mechastone. Thus Cale'anon decides the group head for Mechastone instead of towards the Sisters, much appreciated by Benn'joon.

Book 10 Edit

Second Servants

The second time Cale'anon gains servants - this time Bloodrage chief Ray'd, Krunch, Dorel and the rest of the tribe.

Cale'anon arrives at the foot of the Mechastone mountain, seperated from it by more dwarves laying siege to the gnome fortress. That is when Richard, Sooba and the bunny catches up to them. When asked about his trip to the village, Richard obviously doesn't want to talk about it, so he warns all the dwarves of the sneak attack. Cale'anon orders Benn'joon and Pella to find a way into the mountain, while he and the others hold the dwarves off - but are surprised to soon find them withdrawing. That is when Krunch breaks through the mountain wall, followed by Tim, Toyk and the gnomes. They are taken inside of Mechastone where Cale'anon discusses the situation with Toyk - and offers them a home in Kethenecia, but Toyk is difficult to convince. It indeed helps when Ray'd Bull enter the hall with all the survivors of the Bloodrage Clan pledging themselves to King Cale'anon Vatay of Kethenecia. He then elaborates on his plan to fight through the dwarven diggers' blockade all the way to the home of the Sisters and the Sons, rescue them, and then sail together across the ocean to Kethenecia.

Cale'anon vs Jeromac

Cale'anon fights Jeromac.

After a while, Toyk accepts and they leave Mechastone by ground, using zeppelins as decoys. Meanwhile, Cale'anon sent Richard blow up a mountain, but it takes more time than anticipated, so Cale'anon leaves the refugees - and go fight the dwarves' leader, Jeromac, himself. Jeromac lands a critical strike at Cale'anon's neck, but is then forced away as a nearby volcano is erupting. Richard runs by Cale'anon, closing the elf's neck wound with fire magic, and then carries him down the mountain until he encounters two dwarves. He kills them and hides Cale inside one of their bodies - then encasing the body in a giant prison of ice, protecting it from the incoming magma. The many lives that he had rescued came to find him after the magma had lost its warmth. Benn'joon located him, and Pella, Krunch and Ray'd dug him up. Afterwards, Benn'joon took care of the wounded elf, and he got Krunch to send Toyk and the gnomes off to Kethenecia, despite originally planning to bring them along to rescue the Sisters and the Sons. Next, Cale'anon announces that he intends to build a nation.

Book 11 Edit


Cale'anon and Benn'joon share a kiss.

Cale'anon and his followers journey towards the Sisters and the Sons. Pella asks why Cale has been avoiding her lately, and he replies that he know why the gnomes decided to leave Mechastone - because Pella had killed a few of them, and destroyed some of their defense mechanisms. She replied that it was for the greater good, but Cale'anon still doesn't accept her actions and leave her to her own guilt. At night, Cale'anon decides to go train alone in the woods. Benn'joon awaits him and confronts him about being rough to Pella, and helping to ease his pain of mind - by kissing him and having sex with him.


Cale'anon shoots Richard.

They arrive at the Sisters' citadel and realize that they had been able to take care of things themselves. They are greeted by captain Tah'vraay - who, like everyone else notice that their God has returned to them, the bunny companion of Richard's. When Richard refuses to hand over the bunny to the Matron, a fight breaks out between the two parts. Richard puts the bunny in a bubble connected to his neck to protect it from harm's way, but hasn't thought about the bunny needing air to survive. Cale'anon gets Benn'joon to enchant an arrow of his, that will then take out Richard's powers, so that they can rescue the bunny moments before it run out of breath. The bunny then reports to the Matron that it speaks through Richard, and Richard tells the Matron to do whatever Cale'anon tells them to do, as the warlock feels like going on a fishing trip. Cale'anon obviously tells them to join them on their voyage across the sea to Kethenecia, and the Matron heeds the command.

Cale and Styx

Cale'anon invites Styx and the Trolls into his alliance.

They are then leaving to meet up with Styx, Tim and the other trolls. Styx lead them to a hole in the ground, said to include a portal overseas to Kethenecia, guarded by Knights of the Way. While Richard jumps in without a second thought, Cale'anon orders his servants to build some sort of elevator to take everyone down the hole.

Book 12 Edit

Cale Fighting the Guardians of the Way

Cale'anon fighting the Knights of the Way.

He makes Ray'd, Dorel and Pella scout ahead in the hole, only to fall into a trap after Richard had been distracting them. Soon, Cale'anon, Benn'joon and Krunch follow, only to meet Richard's decapitated head posing as a bookend, once again trying to distract them from an ambush by the Knights of the Way, but unlike the group before them they sense the danger ahead of time and can defend themselves properly - especially when backup comes from above. Cale'anon's diplomacy seems to work when princess Leena appears to be the leader of the knights. However, she still won't allow anyone to pass through the portal - until Krunch reveals to her that Cale'anon has become a king.

Cale and Shora

Cale'anon meeting a projection of his ex-wife Shora.

Leena explains that Cale'anon has to choose 2 companions at max, and find the right path through the portal to Kethenecia. He picks Richard and Dorel - Benn'joon is quite angry for not being chosen. The portals act as a pocket dimension, and inside, they are shown things from their past they'd rather not see. First, Cale'anon is approached by an apparition of the old king of Gamlon attacking Cale for killing Tavor. Then they see Richard as child, and finally, Cale'anon is approached by his wife Shora. But they succeed in finding the way through to Kethenecia, and Dorel set up wards to keep the path open.

Book 13 Edit

Cale and the Commander

The Commander asking to join Cale'anon's party.

When he returned from the portal, he is numb due to the encounter with Shora - something Benn'joon noticed, but gave him the space to work out, himself. However, the two of them continue to act like a couple. Krunch reported to Cale that their scouts spotted the Legion. Cale'anon walk straight to them with his men, and tell them to take him to their superior. They are lead to a small camp just before Kethenecia, and meet the former Legion commander who reveal that his men have deserted the Legion and wishes to join Cale'anon's forces - but due to previous conflicts and trust issues, Cale has a hard time taking him in. Their arguing is interrupted by Maikos arriving with the villagers from the little village up the coast. The former Legion commander proceeds with a warning that at least a thousand hostile Legion ships are heading for Kethenecia at the moment. Cale'anon accept the deserters into his ranks, and go back to Kethenecia.

Book 14 Edit


Cale'anon with his new blades.

Back in Kethenecia Cale'anon and the others are happy to see how one of history's most legendary cities has been turned into a haven for refugees. Soon he reunites with Lord Gaten and praise him for his work on the city in Cale'anon's absense. The elf then orders Ray'd to instruct civilians inside the city, and soldiers to setup a perimeter within the wall. Richard asks if he can have a little isolated piece of land outside of the city for his people. Cale'anon grants Richard what he asked for, but surrounds the land with religious neighbors. Cale'anon spends his days creating a functioning society in Kethenecia as well as preparing an upcoming war with the Legion. One night he is awoken by a confused elf granting him the blade Anduril, Flame of the West, and telling him that he could get more men to join his ranks if he wandered the Dimholt Road into the mountain. It appears, however, that Cale'anon was not the man he was looking for, so the confused elf left, but proceeded saying the same thing in the neighbor tent. The next moment, Pella comes in, waking up Cale'anon and Benn'joon, asking for a word with the elf. She reveals the hilt of the Sword of Truth, reforged with outworldly metals into the twin blades Good & Evil.

Sand Worm

Cale'anon about to be devoured.

The following day, Cale'anon inspects the city defenses with the deserting Legion commander - and while it looks good, they come to conclusion that it will not be enough to stop the Legion. The commander suggests getting the sand dragons back to serve as guardians of the city. He gets Krunch to search through the old books for hints how to summon and control the dragons - and finds an artifact that can control thousands of dragons, and believes the item must be hidden somewhere in the sand, so a search party consisting of Cale'anon, Benn'joon, Pella, Krunch, Ray'd, Tim, Gaten, the commander and a few others start the impossible search through the thousands sandy hills in the nearby desert. Richard also seems to be around, befriending strange creatures of the desert. Soon they find a pool of quicksand, and Richard enters it - reporting back that there is a cavern below, so they all enter. In the cavern Cale'anon is eaten by a giant worm. Inside the belly of the beast, Cale'anon encounters a curious boy, who is burned to ashes when he touches Cale'anon's blade Evil.

Book 15 Edit

Rough Day

Cale'anon wakes up in strange company.

Soon after the boy's death, Cale'anon is approached by a small group of tiny cannibal creatures believing the Elf to be a God. They strangle him to a large bone, and prepares a feast - but then Cale'anon breaks loose, and the creatures turn into their huge muscular forms. He jumps to get Evil, but is then beaten until he passes out. He wakes up in a bed of salad with a missing leg that is being seasoned by the little people, and he passes out again. That is when Richard burns his way through the worm's skin, noticing Cale'anon being eaten by the cannibals, and then leaves again to report his findings to the rest of the group. Richard returns to discuss with the little people, and comes to conclusion that Cale'anon is officially brunch. The warlock clearly enjoy their company and plays cards with them, but is interrupted when their giant worm is being swallowed by an even giant-er worm, which means the little guys have to fight the little people of the other worm for the dominion over the worm's insides. The cannibal people offer to re-attach Cale'anon's leg if he and Richard help them defeat the other worm-people. Cale'anon uses Richard as mount and shield, but Richard demands they switch roles when the enemy cannibal people's Blargh arrive. In the battle, Richard takes a hit causing him to lose his facewear - that is when Cale'anon realize for the first time that the warlock is actually not quite as undead as it would seem. Richard finally succeeds in sending the Blargh flying through the worm's skin into a raging sand dragon on the other side, killing both of the creatures in the process. He and Cale'anon escapes through the hole, and joins up with the others - who had located the sand dragons in Cale'anon's absense. The elf is happy to get his leg back.

Book 16 Edit

Walking Training

The training of Cale'anon's endurance.

With the help from Benn'joon Cale'anon starts training his walking, in front an amused audience of Richard, Maikos and all the undead villagers. According to Benn'joon Cale'anon's self-pity routine was getting slightly tiresome, so she tried another approach - Richard threatening to eat a baby, and Cale'anon having to follow to stop him.

Revealing Plans at Council

Cale'anon reveal his plans at the council meeting.

However, as Kethenecia is under siege by the Legion Cale'anon has to resume his work, and meet up with the commander - and tell him that he will not partake in the siege. Next, he gathers all the leaders around a round table - the Commander represents the Legion deserters, Princess Leena represents the Knights of the Way, Lord Gaten represents the human villagers, Chief Engineer Toyk represents the gnomes, the Matron representing the Sisters and Sons, Ray'd Bool represents the Bloodrage Tribe, and Styx represents the trolls. Also attaining the meeting is Benn'joon, Richard, Pella, the recently befriended cannibal people from the worm, and a Gruffalo. Cale'anon held a speech about the Legion attack - and propose that while most remain in Kethenecia to repel the attack, a small force strike the Legion at its heart, Legara. Cale'anon will go himself with the Sisters and the Sons, the Bloodrage Tribe, Richard, Benn'joon, Pella and Sooba. He'll also take the sand dragons initially as a distraction, but Pella and Benn'joon will return with the surviving dragons.

Cale'anon goes to tell Benn'joon that she will not come with the others to Legara - obviously angering her a great deal.

Book 17 Edit


Cale'anon and the Bloodrage hold their positions before the palace grounds.

Cale'anon, Richard and the others leave on the sand dragons, attacking the Legion forces. The bones from Maikos and the undead villagers are dropped from the sand dragons, creating a diversion. They reach the shore, where the Legion have been opening a portal gateway to Legara. At the beach the sand dragons clash with the dragons of the Legion and win. They depart with Benn'joon and Pella, and aim for the portal. The Legion battlemages take down the portal, but more than half of the dragons got through with Cale'anon.

They fight their way to the palace, riding on the Bloodrage - and only Richard makes it through the gates. While they wait for him to open it from the inside, they hold their positions against the Legion forces. Richard manages to open up the gates, and they pass into the palace grounds. Cale'anon orders Krunch to locate the King, but realized to his horror that Krunch is killed few moments later, when the King reveals himself to be Tavor.

Book 18 Edit

Cale vs Tavor

Cale'anon dealing the final blow to Tavor.

Ray'd pierces his metallic arm through King Tavor, but the king reveals that he isn't killed that easily. Tavor then engages in a fight with Cale'anon - his blades Good and Evil, however, does seem to be able to hurt the King. When Cale'anon uses fire and ice magic Tavor is finally killed for good, and Cale'anon's men move out.

They get back to the shore, near Kethenecia, finding it abandoned - meaning that the Legion army under Aelloon's command have advanced to the city. Cale'anon orders the men to follow him, but they are surprised to find the city and the people in it in unharmed state.

Cale'anon tells Benn'joon of Krunch's demise, and witnessed as she tries ressurect him, but to no avail - so they hold a funeral for their loyal companion.

Book 19 Edit


After two months Benn'joon reveal that she still needs more time to get over Krunch.

Benn'joon needed time to get over Krunch's death, and got to be alone in Kethenecia's temple for two months. That is when Cale'anon wished to see her, and asked the Matron for permission. The Matron replied that she will send for him when Benn'joon is ready for visitors again, not anytime before that. That is when Dnah the Librarian enters the room, also wishing to speak with the Priestess, about Krunch's belongings passing to her. Dnah and Cale'anon follows the Matron to Benn'joon's chamber, and Dnah enters alone. Soon after Dnah and Benn'joon return, and she reveals that she blame Cale for her father's death and that she needs more time.

Not knowing what to do he asks the people of the city. Ray'd is too busy taking care of bandits at the countryside, Pella need only help with cleaning out her forge, the Matron tells him to go away. In the end he decides to go on a quest with Tim and Sooba. They help an old man collecting 10 giant hats, first mishearing his request as 10 giant rats. That is when Maikos ask the elf to help the undead villagers from dying.

Book 20 Edit


Cale'anon, Tim and Sooba encounter the Mountain Goblins.

Cale'anon, Tim and Sooba follow Maikos through the woods, and encounters a group of bandits, and defeats them. Maikos explained that the skele-people are bonded with Richard - and that since he is going through changes they are changing as well. To attain their undead forms Cale'anon must travel to the Warlock and help him kill innocents. Maikos grants him a special compass for the purpose of finding Richard. Their journey leads them to the North, first entering a cave where they for some reason are blasted with blue lights. They leave the cave, following the compass guide - leading them to a hostile tribe of Mountain Goblins, then recalculating as Cale'anon and the others escape.

Book 21 Edit


After being captured, Cale is surprised to find out the Mountain Goblins believed Tim to be their deity, instead of himself.

The Mountain Goblins start worshipping Tim, put Sooba in a cage, and prepare to eat Cale'anon. The Mountain Goblin chef have a long conversation with Cale'anon and reveal that their God is called "The One with Many Faces" and could just as well be a panther, thus Sooba is put on the throne and Tim being prepared to be eaten besides Cale'anon. The Chef then reveals that they are not being sacrificed for the God, but instead brings Cale and Tim on plates as tributes into the mountain for "the innocent".

Richard is there too. And the innocent reveals himself to be what one long the most for - and to Cale that being his young, naive and innocent self. Cale'anon has a serious talk with himself, until he is interrupted by the arrival of Benn'joon, Dnah and Tah'vraay - who are also meeting whatever they long the most for. Everyone are talking with the innocent, until Benn'joon picks up the Tome of the Innocent - which makes everyone snap out of it. She confronts Cale'anon about his unwanted presence, saying she needed space. Richard wanting to get his powers back by destroying the tome, steals it from Benny's hands, and she convinces Cale'anon to help her retrieve it back.

They walk to the top of the volcano, and Richard hands over the tome. Benn'joon then reveals that there's a baby zoo somewhere in the mountain. Cale'anon goes to watch in horror as Richard mercilessly kills all of the animals.

Book 22 Edit

Book 22

Cale and Richard on the Book 22 cover.

Trying to return to Kethenecia, Cale'anon scouts ahead and reports back that a Legion ambush awaits them at the portal, so they consider using The Father's Bones to get across the ocean. However, Richard announces his urge to fight, so Cale'anon shoots an arrow into the tail of a dragon of the Legion, with a string attached to it - that Richard holds on to, so he flies after the dragon like a kite, and then slay all the dragons alone. Meanwhile, Cale'anon and Benn'joon have a relationship talk that unfortunately results in Benn'joon running away crying, and Cale is unable to chase her as a squad of Legion soldiers have surrounded him and Richard. However, the soldiers are easily disposed of, and even though an army of even more soldiers attack afterwards, they are no match for Richard and Cale. The elf soon learns that the army of easy-to-defeat soldiers are serving only as a distraction from the main army going towards the primary goal - the Tome of the Innocent. He gets Benny to follow him, while Richard continues killing more soldiers. Cale'anon and Benn'joon meet up with Tah'vraay, Tim and Sooba, who reveals that Aelloon has captured Dnah and the Tome.

Cale'anon orders Tah'Vraay to take Tim and return with a warning to Kethenecia, while Cale'anon himself will try to rescue Dnah and get the Tome back, with Benn'joon, Richard and Sooba's aid. They arrive at a village on fire - and Richard helps put it out. The villagers reveal that their children has been kidnapped by the Legion, and Cale'anon decides to retrieve them back, but Benn'joon insists they do not - as the kidnapping was clearly another diversion, plotted by Aelloon.

Book 23 Edit

Book 23

Cale and Richard on the Book 23 cover.

Cale'anon and Richard ride off on Richard's dragon, and the Warlock reveals he have no idea how to land a dragon, so they crash-land and Richard is impaled to a tree. While the elf tries getting Richard free from the tree, one of the captive children arrives and runs off. When the Warlock gets out of the tree they chase the boy north through the forest. They lose the trail, and decide to make camp for the night. They wake up surrounded by the children, and although Richard randomly announces that the children are in fact werewolves, his words appear to be true two days later, when the children turns into were-squirrels and attack the two - and one giant were-squirrel soon attacks as well. However, Richard hurries create a newspaper and hit the giant squirrel with it, which actually works, and all of them run off. However, wishing to solve the mystery and save the children, the two once again chase them - this time to a cave. There two children tell the elf and the warlock that someone is expecting them. They follow inside, to the majesty squirrel. That is when the cave starts to rumble, and Richard makes an umbrella out of the children, which they hide under for a moment before they decide to rescue them, and they end up trapped in a little cavity below a huge pile of rocks with all the children. Soon they find that the Majesty squirrel is also present within the cavity with them and realize that the entire thing was indeed ochestrated by Aelloon. The Majesty Squirrel help them find a secret passage out of the cavity, but in turn wanting them to defeat the mortal enemies of the squirrel-folk, the Rakkun.

Book 24 Edit


Richard performing the violent joke.

Cale'anon and Richard arrive at the portal leading to the home of the Rakkun - and Richard makes them enemies with all of the Rakkuns after performing a violent "got your nose"-joke. All of Richard's limbs are then ripped apart by the angry creatures. Cale'anon helps the Warlock retrieve back his arms, but can't find the legs.

Book 25 Edit


Cale and Richard finding Benn'joon and Dnah surrounded by Aellon and his men.

Richard succeeds taming and fusing what he calls the Spider Dick, and kills off the Rakkun attackers, making himself a little hut out of their remains. That is when estate agent Sandra comes around, judging the quality of the new hut. Richard "accidently" wraps up Cale in a silk web, and as Cale'anon makes his way out they decide to go find the Rakkun who have Richard's legs - which just happens to run by in the next moment. Afterwards, Richard make up an escape plan that involves Cale'anon wearing ruby slippers while they fly upwards with a heated balloon made out of organs. However it is revealed that Hctib has been closing the portal from the other side, and they only succeed in breaking free by ramming Cale crashing into the portal's "lid".

The two then journey north to aid the others in retrieving the book from the Legion and arrive just in time to see Aelloon and his men having surrounded Benn'joon. Not knowing that they are actually in the middle of peace negotiations, the two prepare to kill Aelloon's men - and Aelloon believing it to be an ambush orders his sorcerers to summon the "Unholy Ones" - the Rakkuns, only to find that they have all been slain. That is when Cale kills the King with a ray of arrows. Benn'joon, shocked by the missed opportunity for peace, decides to leave Cale'anon.

Book 26 Edit

Book 26

Cale'anon, Richard and the Kraken on the Book 26 cover.

Depressed by Benn'joon's harsh farewell, Cale'anon decides to isolate himself from the world so that he can live and die alone and thus do no more harm to people of the world. Even though Cale'anon never asked Richard to come with him, the warlock chose to tag along, as they go from place to place for a whole year. That is when they end up on Sheep Island. The two enter into an argument when Richard propose to atone by committing a killing spree, and Cale leaves for a walk. The elf comes across a pigion trapped in vines, and rescues it, only find out it's a Death Pigion. Soon after he meet up with Richard again, and they decide to go back to civilization to travel around the world, helping wherever help is required. Cale'anon make a raft, collect some fruits and they sail out into the ocean. Three days pass on the sea, and Cale'anon admits he have no clue where they are, and that they may die out there. However, soon Cale'anon see a ship coming toward them, and start waving to get their could-be rescuers' attention, but when it has gotten a bit closer a kraken attacks it. Richard go kill it, while Cale drifts to the ship, and board it. He find the captain to be a slaver of former bankers found guilty of causing an economic collapse. Cala'anon has a hard time deciding whose side to pick, but in the end settles on the opinion that he just help people in need, because he can not decide who to live and die. He helps Richard kill the Kraken, and Richard adopt the dead Kraken's squid children, and take its tentacles for arms to help drag the ship. They head for the port of Phey, but due to Richard's tentacle arms they are attacked by harpoons. Fortunately for them, Richard got some of the adopted squids; Chance, Sassy, Shadow and Cale Junior - to sacrifice themselves for him, at least keeping one, Scooter, alive. Then they are welcomed into Phey, and from there, they head west.

Book 28 Edit


Cale'anon uses Richard's battlecry in his fight against the Archmage of Kethenecia.

At one point, Cale'anon and Richard came across a group of refugees from Legara and help them put up a settlement, and then help the group defend it from another group of Legara refugees. Richard pets Scooter in a baby-pool inside the settlement, while Cale'anon is busy protecting the people. Soon, Cale'anon approaches the warlock asking for his help, as the enemy group have recruited some mysterious powerful allies and suddenly grown strong enough to get over the walls. The elf and the warlock fight together against the attackers, and after Richard successfully clears out the battlefield - a familiar face come running towards Cale; Sooba. That is when Scooter vomits up those who had previously been aiding the enemy refugee group, Benn'joon and Pella - and Benn'joon heads for Cale, who completely ignores her and goes to what's left of the settlement's wall. There, Pella comes to have a talk with him. From a distance, Benn'joon reveal that the other group is only attacking because they believe this group to be weak, so Cale order Richard to release his dragon and Scooter the next morning. It appeared to work. Cale'anon then start building up new defenses before he and Richard leave the next day. However, Benn'joon interupts him from the work and hold him chained with her magic so that she can tell him that she is sorry and that she and Pella will be joining them the next day. They head west, and Cale announce that he aims for leaving the continent and start anew in a different place. On the road, they encounter Richard's pet bunny - and Richard start arguing with it, and it escalates into a battle where the Warlock throws a ball of flame at the seemingly innocent creature. Cale'anon goes to shield it from the fire, and Benn'joon's magic shield him. The rabbit reveals another form of itself - that of the young boy which Cale killed in Kethenecia's past long ago. The boy then tells how Cale'anon was meant for greatness and to help the masses in need, but instead disapointingly help the individuals in need. He continue to explain that he have taken so much from Cale'anon, and still the elf has not become who he was meant to be. Finally, he turns into his final form - revealing himself to be the Archmage of Kethenecia, and cast a spell that pulls Cale into a nearby tree. While Pella and Benn'joon take care of the wounded Elf, Richard battle the Archmage with the Cup of the Phares, but is ultimatively defeated. That is when Cale'anon returns to the battle and defeat the Archmage.

Book 29 Edit


Cale'anon with Richard, Benn'joon, Stranger and Pella.

Cale'anon, Benn'joon, Pella, a crippled Richard and Sooba sail across the sea on Tah'vraay's new ship and arrive at West where they start looking for a healer for Richard. Rumor spreads around town and attracts a local criminal known only as Stranger, who is accompanied by the Camel of Cursing, the Impala of Irony and the Scorpion of Sincerity. He tells of a powerful creature known as the Hedgehog of Healing, and that no one knows where it is - however, at that exact moment a hedgehog climbs onto his shoulder, and it appears he was just trying to trick the party. To set things right, he offer a free service of the hedgehog, and to everyone's surprise, it actually works. However, Richard still struggles with one problem since the battle with the Archmage of Kethenecia - he is unable to kill, and to that problem, Stranger also has a solution. He tells of a powerful sorcerer dwelling in the Wetlands, so the crew pack up their stuff on a Nameless beast and leave the town and set out into the forest. There, they encounter strange creatures, including Horsumon, Monkephants, Bee-Gators and an Owltupus - all of which, Richard captures in his purse. Finally, they arrive at the sorcerer's lair, and enter it - only to be attacked by a Bear-topus, which Cale'anon defeats. That is when the Sorcerer come forth from the shadows, angry with them for killing one of the Bear-topus, but Cale'anon convinces him to help shred some light on Richard's condition. He reveals that Richard now have to recharge his powers by saving the guilty instead of killing the innocent. Then the Sorcerer takes his leave, but Cale'anon, having more questions hold on to his clothes, which are then ripped off, revealing the sorcerer to be a talking ass - named Assaracus. He asks them to save his life, which would also benefit Richard, seeing as Assaracus is guilty of experimenting with animals. However, Richard orders Pella to kill him, but saves him from her axe, thus getting the warlock powers back. The party then leave Assaracus, who is angry with them for not wanting to save his life, properly.

Book 30 Edit

Protect the Baby

Cale orders Richard to protect the Wee King.

Then the party is hired as mercenary guardians of the Wee King by the Regent while he and his army is away, and are put in charge of defending their castle from an invading Barbarian Horde. Due to the party being alone at the castle, except for the king - and the enemy army using siege weaponry - their mission seems difficult to complete. Cale'anon and Richard defend the walls, while Benn'joon, Pella and Sooba guard the Wee King's chambers. Cale'anon rushes to the others, looking for Richard's purse, but the others can't tell him where it is, so the elf run back out and charge into melee combat with the invading army. Soon, he see Benn and Pella run after Richard's dragon for unknown reason, confused why they are not protecting the king. This distraction result in Cale being overwhelmed and beat up, but then saved by Richard who notice how his powers increased after saving Cale. That leads to the Warlock strapping Cale onto a shield and charge into battle, so that he can continously save him from being hit. However, Richard seems to be bad at it, and also realize that rescuing the same soul time and time again doesn't count. After Cale has been badly hurt, Richard takes him to Benn who start healing his wounds. When the elf wakes up he realize Richard and Scooter successfully defeated the barbarian horde, and that the Wee King had been swallowed by Richard's purse dragon - but fortunately would pop out once the dragon got back in the purse. After the siege, Cale goes to comfort Richard about missing his Fwoosh.

That is when the Regent and his army returns, and the party realize the Regent only hired them to fail after being consulted to do so by the Stranger, so that the Wee King would die and the Regent would take over completely. However, he acuse the Party of murdering the Wee King in front of the army, and so the Party has to fight their way through the army as well. Cale orders Richard to protect the baby, while Cale and the others battle the Regent's army. Fortunately Richard gets back his Fwoosh-powers by saving the innocent king, so the Regent and his army are forced to retreat. The group keeps the baby, and move back to the West.

Book 31 Edit


The group goes on a new adventure.

The group gets back in West confronting Stranger about his plans to get them killed for money, and as he tries to escape on the Flamingo of Fleeing they run into the Elephant of Explosions blowing both the Stranger and Richard to the air, and the Stranger realizes he is unable to flee his fate. Richard is about to kill him, but Cale stops him so that Stranger can instead help them find some dangerous labor for little pay - so that they can be good people. Stranger send them to the nearby mountains, where he tells of a giant terrorizing the surrounding villages. The group pack up their stuff on the Nameless beast and travel, and Sooba starts acting weird due to the smell of the Dragon Elder being somewhere close. Cale talks with Pella about Elder being on his way, not knowing if he should kill him since he was allied with the Archmage of Kethenecia, but promises the dwarf that he will at least talk with him. They finally arrive in the first town, Benn telling the villagers that they're able to help them with the giant problem. However, the villagers seem only interested in solving their economic problems and call her off rudely. They search the nearby mountains and soon find the gullible giant Eeny and after two days of chasing after him they finally convince him that he is actually a giant. Then comes three other giants searching for the Wee King, so that they can kill it. Richard willingly hands it over - but then jumps in to save it moments before one of the giants devour it. Things get even more complicated when the villagers arrive to protect Eeny, and Assaracus returns with his army of strange animal hybrids, and Richard reveals he had attack goats for all members of Cale's party. To top it all off, the Dragon Elder also arrives for a talk with Cale at that moment. Cale decides that they fight before they can have their talk, and that they start out with taking out the giants, then Assaracus.

Book 32 Edit

Fighting the Soldiers

Cale'anon leads Richard (With the Wee King), Benn'joon, Pella and the Dragon Elder in the defense against the soldiers and their chachas.

As Cale starts fighting a giant, Richard drops from the air close by, and start acting like the ground is lava. Moments later, Richard's game appears to be true - as lava streams towards them from the mountaintop. Cale attempts to save Benn, but they are both drowning in the lava - only saved by Benn's magical shield. They break free when the lava has cooled off and turned solid, and reunites with the others. In the meantime the battle has stopped, and Pella revealed to Eeny that he had been used for free labor by the villagers - which spreads out word that Eeny will no longer protect the villages, resulting in a neighboring kingdom attacking all the villages in the area for their mineral resources. The attacking army arrives just then, and the party of course race down the mountain on Richard's herd of attack goats to meet them. However, the kingdom's soldiers appear surprisingly tough and with the aid of the summoned chachas they manage to defeat Cale's party and trap them in robes. From their helpless positions on the ground, they are forced to watch the village being burned set on fire. Fortunately, Cale succeeds in breaking free and is helped by Eeny to defeat the chachas, and when the others break free, they defeat the soldiers too and free the imprisoned villagers. The remainder of the soldiers and chachas retreat, taking with them the Dragon Elder. Cale decides that while he and Pella stay and help the villagers rebuild their homes, Richard and Benn leave to track down and free the Dragon Elder. Cale would have a har time putting out the flames, however, as Richard replaced the water with oil - and when they are finally done putting out all the fires, an ungrateful villager compares their work with that of Eeny's. This irritates Cale and he decides to go get the giant, so that he can give them what they deserve after the many years of using him.

Book 33 Edit

Cale Shot

Pella and Sooba getting Cale'anon to safety after he was shot by the Knights of the Way.

Cale'anon succeeds in rebuilding the village with Eeny's help, in turn granting the giant the position as mayor of the village. Cale, Pella and Sooba leaves the village - but only after they have gotten out of the village, they are attacked by a rain of arrows shot by Knights of the Way - Cale taking a critical hit on the neck and fainted. Pella carries him to safety in a cave, and then get Sooba to take down the rangers when they get close, pulling them into the cave.

Book 34 Edit

Neck Wound

Cale, using Evil to seal his neck wound.

At least a month pass by where Pella takes care of the wounded elf, and Sooba develops a habit of burying him in the dirt of the cave. One day Pella find more Knights of the Way arriving at a shore, then returning to Sooba and Cale'anon at the cave. She tests his reflexes to see if he is ready to fight, and figure that he needs more rest. One knight finds his way to the cave, and Sooba rescues Cale from the assassination attempt. He learns that Princess Leena wants him dead, but also that he shouldn't call his female panther a boy - as Sooba rages out on him. Soon, Pella warns of the Knights, telling him to fight with her, so he haphazardly cauterizes his neck wound with the flames of his enchanted blade, and charge into a group of Knights. As they chase after him through a shallow river, he use the powers of his blades - first to heat up the water below them to blind them with the steam, then freezing the river to ice causing the knights to fall and slide down the mountainside. Having successfully decreased their numbers he felt it was safe to engage in melee combat with the remaining knights close to the shore, and soon, Pella and Sooba join him, but they were finally overwhelmed - and only survived because of Tah'vraay coming to their aid. As they were close to the shore at the time, her crew at The Old Cow shot down the knights with arrows. The captain then revealed to Cale'anon and Pella that Leena had been making some drastic changes to Kethenecia - and finally Cale'anon decided to return and set things right once again, after all that time. However, first he went with Sooba to rescue Benn'joon, Richard and the elder dragon. Sooba helped by keeping the chachas busy, while the others went to rescue Charles.


Although a seeming simpleton lacking in knowledge about the world, Cale has proven a surprisingly excellent fighter, skilled with both his twin swords and archery (a trait which is also reminiscent of Drizzt Do'Urden) and can, when needed, be an assertive leader.


  • Cale'anon was probably based on the Blood Elves from the Warcraft universe, seeing as the Looking For Group universe was heavily inspired by WoW back when he was first introduced. This is hinted first and foremost by his design, and also when it is revealed that the rest of his race is evil. However, with the Looking For Group universe expanding the authors took another direction and revealed a unique backstory as to why his kind became evil.
  • At one point in adulthood Cale'anon was inducted into a fairy tribe, which he didn't like, as it included being peed on by the fairies. This flashback was seen on page 685.



  1. In many ways Cale is very similar to AD&D hero Drizzt Do'Urden, though Ryan Sohmer has stated that when Cale was created he did not know who Drizzt Do'Urden was, and the parody was unintentional.



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