Dnah (Hand backwards) is a green dinosaur-like creature with a hand in place of a head. He appears shortly after the death of Krunch to Cale and the Matron and introduces himself as Dnah the Librarian and asks for permission to speak to Benn'joon. He is a servant of the Bloodrage and states that with Krunch's death "Everything that was his, is now hers. As he wished". The Matron then prepares to leads him to Benn'joon while Cale just has an incredulous look on his face as he asks "So we're just going to ignore the fact that he's a giant talking hand"?

Krunch and Dnah apparently met while Kruch was collecting items and came across Dnah who had his head formed in the hitchhiking gesture. Krunch collected all sorts of scrolls, tomes, and relics and he gave Dnah the task of cataloging and managing his personal library. Benn'joon and Dnah then set out to travel, presumably towards the inheritance. Recently it seems he has suppository lost his manly parts.

First Appearance: Page 526