Dorel is a member of the Bloodrage Clan and unlike some of the other members he is a spellcaster.

He first makes his appearance with Ray'd and other bloodrage as they help Cale and gang escape an outpost occupied by Legara.

He later appears in the battle against Legara with the Northern Alliance.

Dorel then accompanies Cale and Richard in the portal through Kethenecia.

Known Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Nature-based Magic Dorel has shown abilities that involves manipulating nature to some extent. He can scatter leaves into the air and begin a downpour [1]. He has also shown the ability to transfer this ability to others. For example after molding clay into a ball he manipulated it into growing spikes. At that same moment, Ray'd was curled into a ball and he also grew similar looking spikes [2]. Ray'd referred to this as the Bloodrage Morning Star.
  • Barriers He has shown the ability to create barriers strong enough to repel magic of the Sisters [3].
  • Healing He has also shown healing abilities powerful enough to reattach limbs.