A Gnome Song

Fitch on the cover art for A Gnome Song.

Fitch was a gnome warrior of the Mechastone Defense Force under the service of Chief Engineer Toyk. He was betrayed and killed by Krunch Bloodrage.


A Gnome SongEdit

Fitch left Mechastone to make his future brighter by becoming a fighter. He seeked out a famed witch, but on the way he was assaulted by a bear - fortunately a vegetarian and one of the witch's minions, who brought Fitch to the witch's cave. She helped him by casting an immortality spell on the gnome, only breakable if he would ever be struck four times with a spear.

Book 1Edit

Fitch returned to Mechastone, and fought as a warrior of the Mechastone Defense Force. When Lord Stoll and his troll army came from the North and set up a camp a few days from Mechastone, they murdered innocent women and children in their quest for the gnomes' ore stockpiles. Fitch's wife and children were among the fallen.

After the incident with Cale'anon Vatay, Richard, Krunch Bloodrage, Benn'joon & Sooba which resulted in 126 lost gnome lives, the group came under the employ of Chief Engineer Toyk after he had tried them for murder. The Chief Engineer commanded Fitch to take them to the troll base, and by accident he lead them straight into the front of a marching troll army.

The troll army's second-in-command, Styx, took Cale'anon, Krunch and Fitch to Lord Stoll himself. On the way, Cale'anon and Krunch convinced Styx that they were not working for the gnomes, and Krunch murdered Fitch to prove his point, by stabbing the gnome four times with a spear.