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Keeper of the Way
Keeper of the Way
Title Keeper of the Way
Gender Male
Race Beholder
Affiliation Archmage of Kethenecia
Occupation Preserver of Continuity
Status Alive
Location In-between
Relatives Lots of Beholders (Siblings)</br>Farmer ("Mother")
First appearance Book 3 ~ Page 67
Last appearance Book 3 ~ Page 88
NPC-appearances Not A Beholder
The Keeper of the Way is a beholder who is able to foresee the future, and was thus presumably tasked with ensuring that continuity is preserved by the Archmage of Kethenecia.


First Appearance: Page 67

Not A BeholderEdit

Not A Beholder

The Keeper of the Way featured on the cover art for Not A Beholder.

The Keeper of the Way's egg cracked open, and the beholder was pulled out by the farmer. Within its first moments in life the Keeper began speaking odd predictions of the future. The farmer was not impressed, however, and threw it into a pile of other beholders. It kept coming up with strange predictions of the future, while with the other beholders. Meanwhile, the farmer appearently sold the Keeper to an archmage who intended to cook it. However, the archmage's apprentice - the young boy who would eventually become the Archmage of Kethenecia - entered the kitchen, and found the Keeper adorable. Finally, he was allowed to keep it as his pet.

The Archmage, with the help of the Keeper's foresight-abilities, presumably created and wrote the Archmage's Codex which contained prophesies of the future. One of these prophesies were the fall of Kethenecia and its rise to power once again 3000 years later. They decided to use Cale'anon Vatay in their plot to make the prophecy a reality.

Book 3 Edit

When Richard opened the time portal in present day Kethenecia, he enabled Cale'anon, Krunch, Benn'joon, Tavor, Sooba and himself passage to Kethenecia 3000 years in the past. In-between the timelines, the Keeper of the Way awaited their arrival, but unimpressed by his rabbling they continued without much thought.

As the Keeper had prophesied Kethenecia were invaded, but saved in the last minute by Cale'anon when he destroyed the Anchor. Cale'anon and the others were returned to present day Kethenecia, and built up a new kingdom inside the ancient city like the Archmage had intended.

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