The Knights of the Way are a mysterious group of cloaked men, who appear to guard the portals all around the world. They are first seen when Cale'anon and company are attempted to escort the Gnomes, Bloodrage and Sisters to Kethenecia for protection. Upon their first meeting, the group decapitates Richard and a fight ensues, ending in a victory by Cale'anon. However, the victory is short-lived when Leena appears, no longer the Shriek or her child-like counter-part, and reveals that the Knights of the Way are the last remaining survivors of Gamlon and are searching for a way home. Cale'anon manages to convince Leena and through her, the Knights, that their home is long-gone now, and that they should instead travel with him to Kethenecia. The group now resides inside the city after pledging their loyalty to Cale.

A group of Knights of the Way were later tasked by Princess Leena with the assassination of Cale'anon, ambushing him and Pella and critically wounding the elf. Pella was forced to find a hiding spot to take him while Sooba killed several of them and took one to their cave. At least a month later, another group was killed when Pella collapsed the cave they had used as a hideout on them, though the next morning reinforcements had already began arriving along the nearby coast. With so many arriving at once, Pella and Cale took the fight to them.

Appearances: pp. 325 - 331