Princess Leena




Princess of Gamlon


King of Gamlon, father (Deceased)



First Appearance

Page 34

Leena was a young princess of the long gone Elven kingdom of Gamlon. During an attack on her homeland by an empire of evil elves known as the Vulii, her entire people were slaughtered and she was whisked away to magical catacombs where her spirit was preserved, becoming the Shriek. She is the only creature who knows the exact location of Kethenecia and the Sword of Truth. She transports Cale'anon back in time to witness her father's and her deaths. While back in time, Cale acquires two swords, belonging to Tavor, which show the map to Kethenecia when coated in blood. It is implied that she might be Tavor's little sister, which would make Tavor Prince of Gamlon.

First Appearance: Page 34
Later on, Leena has been shown to have survived after Cale'anon and herself parted ways, and became the leader of the Knights of the Way. She currently resides in Kethenecia, which in Cale's absence she has decreed to be Gamlon reborn with her as the rightful ruler, and has began sending Knights of the Way to assassinate anyone who would be a challenge to her authority, including Cale.

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