Maikos is an inhabitant of Pretty, Pretty Unicorn and therefore a subject of Richard. He meets the group on page 234 when he is pinned to the ground by Sooba. He does not seem afraid of the large cat as he states that where he lives, "there are a lot worse things to be afraid of." This likely means the Richard is as dangerous at home as he is abroad. He came looking for Richard because Pretty, Pretty Unicorn was under attack by a group of missionaries, then left with Richard to go there. He leads Richard (who is inhabiting Sooba's body) to the grave of Richard's father to restore his power, then leads the undead army of villagers against the missionaries. As with all of the inhabitants of the village, Maikos is shown to be undead as he leads a number of other villagers into battle. Maikos's mother is seen scolding him for not asking directions during the trip to Kethenecia.

Maikos is the protagonist of the NPC comic "Great Pain, Greater Gain". It begins with his mother falling out of a windmill to her death as the lord of the village's castle explodes. Maikos's mother is miraculously restored to life, causing a man near Maikos to die of a heart attack. He is soon revived too, and Maikos eventually realizes that none of the villagers are breathing. The Vulli attack that same day, and the villagers fear they are defenseless without their Lord. Maikos, however, has correctly guessed that the villagers are no longer mortal beings and stands up to the Vulli; he does so alone at first, and then is joined by his mother and the rest of the village. One of the villagers spots something moving in the castle ruins after the battle, and Maikos guesses that it is Richard.

First Appearance: Page 234