Gnomes vs Trolls

The Mechastone Defense Force (Left) face the troll army (Right). Benn'joon and Richard have just escaped the Pit of Despair, in the center.

The Mechastone Defense Force is the military of the Gnomes in Mechastone. It is lead by Chief Engineer Toyk. They use long vertical blue banners and small red flags.

The primary soldiers wear brown uniforms, complete with goggles and helmets, and usually wield spears, although some have appeared to use different kinds of smallswords, warhammers, crossbows or even weapon-less fighting. Sentries of the Defense Force wield the same uniform and spears as the other soldiers.

Before his death, Fitch used a slightly different armor than the other soldiers, and might thus have been a higher-ranking officer of some kind.

The Mechastone Defense Force also included reptile-charriots and siege weaponry like catapults with flaming rocks and cannons.