The Mortal World, also simply called the World, is the name of the planet where the majority of the plot in Looking For Group have unfolded.

It consists of three known continents, whereas only one have been named yet:

Legarion Edit


Legarion, in LFG - The Fork of Truth

The North Edit

In the North of Legarion a lot of smaller tribal societies reside. In the center of the North is the Wyall Lake and on Wyall Island is the Autumn Temple of the Sisters. The lake is cut off from the rest of Wyall River by the Dragon Drop Dam, which have created the Daiyo Pass from the icy north region to Dash Keep and the troll territory of Wyall Forest, supposedly the location of the Pit of Despair and Stoll's camp.

A road south of Dash Keep leads through Leary Clearing to the southern part of the north, where the Port of Tyne is located. To the south-west are the Ruins of Gamlon.

To the east of Wyall Lake is a forest region with the multicultural village of Nestorep. Directly north of Nestorep is the mountain chain in which the gnome city of Mechastone can be found at an active volcano, and supposedly also Richard's summer home. To the east of the mountain chain lies the Lifeless village Pretty, Pretty Unicorn. Further north is the taurin Bloodrage Island and the Citadel of the Sisters.

The South Edit

To the south of the river Draipen is built the Great Wall seperating the human Kingdom of Legara from the rest of the continent. The kingdom is controlled from the capital of Legara. This region also contains the King's Port.

Unnamed continent, with Kethenecia: Edit


Unnamed continent, where Assaracus resides: Edit


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