Nestorep is a small village in the middle of a forest with its most noteworthy feature apparently being the tavern. It also had an orphanage before Richard destroyed it. The village guards are all dwarves and are lead by a captain who have given them orders to kill several persons on sight, including Richard and Cale'anon, as well as anyone who know those two. Spitting is not allowed inside the village, evidenced by a wooden sign just outside its entrance saying "No spitting".


Richard visited the village several times, and on his last visit he destroyed the village's orphanage in "self-defense" after it "attacked him". The village guards were ordered to kill him on sight.

Book 1Edit


Cale'anon, Krunch, Benn'joon, Richard and Aelloon in the Nestorep Tavern on the cover art for Book 1. Krunch was not present in the actual story though.

After Richard had turned Cale'anon into a talking pile of ash, he went to Nestorep to find a healer. The guards stopped Richard, but decided to let him pass after he set one ablaze, and turned another into a frog.

In Nestorep's tavern they met the priestess Benn'joon and ask her to revive Cale. At first she does not want to help, but changed her mind when thinking of the gold payment. As she was preparing the ressurection ritual, a Commander of the Legion called Temmet Aelloon entered the tavern, looking for money that Benny owed him. As she was unable to pay him back at the time, Aelloon instead threatened to end her life, but Benn'joon warned the commander of the mighty warrior that she was about to ressurect - and that she would unleash his wrath upon the commander if he hurt her. Cale'anon was ressurected, and indeed protected the priestess until he called for Sooba to aid him, and the panther companion instead tackled the elf. Richard saved them with a necromancy spell, that turned Aelloon's men into undead servants of his. Shortly after that the group decided to escape Aelloon and the village, heading for Mechastone.

Those Left BehindEdit

Notan slash Gerry

Notan releases "Gerry!" on the Nestorep guards.

Three apprentices; Clada, Notan and a third one, who all served under the same master that Cale'anon did, track down their lost friend - to tell him the truth about their master's plot to lure him away from Shora and the Beacon of Hope. They finally arrive in Nestorep, and ask the village guards if they had seen their friend. Once they mention his name, they are attacked by the guards, which are defeated after a short battle, and the three leave the village.