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A new chief is named.



KrunchYou've been avoiding me.
Ray'dI've been on sentry duty.
KrunchYou've been avoiding me.
Father is dead.
We Bloodrage are few remaining, but we still need a chief.
Ray'dWhat would you have me do?
Lead the hundred of us that are left?
To what purpose?
We are too few to rebuild our home,
even if the legion wasn't currently using it as a mass grave.
KrunchWe must do more than simply 'exist'. It's not enough.
We need a real purpose.
Something other than personal conquest.
If we must fight,
let it be for something worthwhile.
Ray'dSay what you will about him, Father was implacable.
In every sense of the word.
KrunchHe was.
Ray'dI assume you have a recommendation on what that purpose should be?
KrunchI might have an idea or two, my chief.
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