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Cale'anonWhat are you doing?
Richard(Richard is firing offhandedly at something off-panel) I have the unexplained urge to kill giant rats.
Benn'joonWe've been here for four days, Old Cow, what are we waiting for?
KrunchAccording to Toyk's scroll, we need to find "The Shriek".
Benn'joonAnd it's in this castle?
Benn'joonAfter we discover this thing? What next?
Krunch(Reading from the scroll) "Only the Shriek, with a long memory, with a longing memory, possess the knowledge of the location of Kethenecia,"
"The Forgotten City of Justice."
Benn'joonTell me that's where the Sword of Truth is.
KrunchAs it is written, that's where it lies.
Benn'joonHow do we find this Shriek?
I want this over with.
Krunch(Again reading from the scroll) "The pure among you, with innocence of heart, will draw out the Shriek."
Cale appears to be exploring the castle; he encounters a ghostly figure.
The figure does not reply; Cale turns to Sooba, shrugging. Without warning, the figure looses a powerful shriek at Cale'anon.
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