Pella is the dwarf princess[1] of Clan Breem and time-travelling bard from Kethenecia 3000 years in the past. She is the youngest child and only daughter of the Commander of the Kethenecian Royal Guard. After the death of her brothers in the war against the Vullii, Pella was given the choice of which path to follow: the axe or the lute. After a moment of considering she decided she liked the feel of both. Sometime later when Cale and friends came through time to bring Kethenecia to the present Pella was assigned to guide them to the city catacombs under the orders of the city's Archmage. She aided the heroes in holding off the Vullii and releasing the city from its temporal anchor and traveled with the Group to the present. Pella has since stayed with the party ostensibly as she "has nowhere else to go". However, it has since been revealed that she is actually an agent of both the Guardian and the Archmage of Kethenecia, who foresaw Cale's coming and his purpose in the city's future and was secretly recruited and guided by the Archmage to be Cale's bodyguard, to protect Cale from "his enemies, from himself, from his friends." Pella is an exceptional fighter, as well as an enthusiastic singer, and is sometimes known to sing love songs to her enemies while dismembering them. Her fondness for violence and dry, somewhat brutal wit earned her Richard's affection almost immediately. After she chopped off his hand to punctuate a witty retort he asked the others "Can we keep her?" and spent some time enthusing over the benefits of replacing his hand with a fork rather than being healed. When Richard was banished to "The Plane of Suck," he ultimately came back by possessing Pella long enough to sing Unchained Melodies, make a pot, and smash a shaman with it. Afterward, Richard claimed she violated his spirit. Pella learned her clan—originally Clan Breem, but now known as the Black Dwarves—had become corrupted and began serving the King of Legara as his Builders. She has recently gotten Cale mad at her because she killed some gnome sentries and allowed Mechastone to be taken. However, she pointed out that as long as the tower stood, Toyk would never have left, and an unnamed "he" (possibly the Archmage) said that Cale would need the gnomes.

First Appearance: Page 76


She is possibly the first (and only) person who puts up and actually enjoys Richard's sadistic behaviour.

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