The Demonic Plane, Plane of Suck or Hell, is the home of demons.

In the plane Richard encounters the Demon Council and Hctib Elttil, but it is possible that another "plane of suck" would be entirely different in its encounters. Another possibility is that Richard is simply name-calling the plane because he is bored. In the "plane of suck," Richard demonstrates abilities, such as control over space and time, that accidentally lead to him making several duplicates of himself (with one of the duplicates killing all the others), but it has never been elaborated on, as to whether or not he can perform these feats outside of that plane. It also reveals, after the events with the Demon Council, that Richard may have a lighter side, stating that he hangs around Cale because he feels there is a purpose in doing so, and he is compelled to continue with Cale because of it.