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Pretty, Pretty Unicorn, also called Village of the Damned[1], is a little Lifeless village up the coast in Northern Legarion, of which Richard Ashendale is Mayor. Richard and the villagers abbandoned Pretty, Pretty Unicorn when migrating over the sea and settled outside of Kethenecia.


The village used to be lead by Richard's father, Lord Ashendale, but Richard murdered him and the human villagers got cursed to become Lifeless.

When Cale'anon first met him, Richard the Warlock introduced himself with many titles, one of which was "the mayor of a little village up the coast." This claim is later proven to be true when Maikos shows up searching for a man leaving bodies in his wake. Richard then leaves to "protect" his village from those attacking it.

It is revealed that aside from soldiers, missionaries are "attacking" the village.

It is revealed that at least some of the villagers have regenerative abilities. This is first shown in the case of the young man who had his arm reattached, by what is assumed to be his father, other relative, or some form of teacher, after cutting it off with a saw blade. Later, the inhabitants are revealed to be undead as they attack the soldiers occupying the village.

Currently, the villagers of Pretty, Pretty Unicorn have relocated to Kethenecia and are assumed to be en route, making their way across the ocean floor. However, eventually they got lost on the ocean floor, to Maikos' mother's trepidation. When they reach the shore in Kethenecia, Maikos remarks that he chained his mother to a rock and left her on the bottom of the sea. Due to the undead nature of Pretty, Pretty Unicorn's inhabitants, she would not die, just sit around for all eternity... or so it was thought. Since the villagers of Pretty, Pretty Unicorn are turning human and mortal along with their master, Richard the Warlock she is quite possibly already dead - seeing as villagers are starting to die from sickness as well.


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