Ray'd Bool Bloodrage is Krunch's brother, regarded as the warrior to Krunch's scholar. He is the war leader of the Bloodrage tribe, and is firmly loyal to his father the chief. Under the chief's orders, Rayd's warbands have provoked multiple other parties in the northern region. His name is a clear reference to the energy drink Red Bull, a beverage which Sohmer repeatedly expresses affection for in his blog posts. After Ray'd knocks off a giant's leg, as the giant falls, Benny says "Ray'd Bool gives you wings," which is an obvious reference to the well-known Red Bull slogan "Red Bull gives you wings." This namesake is further expressed by the two wing-like markings on Ray'd's back.
First Appearance: Page 131

It is believed for a while that he perished in battle with the Legaran Legion. It is discovered, however, that he had survived, although He lost an arm in battle which Benn'joon was unable to reattach. His description of the battle's end suggests that Krunch may also be alive. ggg

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