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The Sisters, called Daughters on page 299, are an order of blue elf sorceresses that lived in the North, they are often shown wearing similar attire to Richard, except in white. They are skilled at controlling giants and golems. They worship a bunny deity. The Matron acts as their leader.

They were initially an enemy to the Bloodrage and even left the Chief behind as bait in order to lure Ray'd and Krunch and wipe out the bloodline. Later, however, Cale'anon convinces them to form an alliance with the Bloodrage against Legara.


The DaughterEdit

Our Sisters

The Sisters and Sons, when Elosha first found them.

Before they were named the Sisters, they were simply a part of their people. They, along with their husbands and children, were imprisoned by the Brothers of Stone, and brought to an underground hall in the basement of the brothers' temple. The Brothers of Stone culled the husbands and daughters, leaving only the women and their sons.

One day Elosha's bandit raiders came by the temple - and defeated all the Brothers of Stone - freeing the women and their sons, to live under Elosha's leadership. Nearby, they built a village where they could live peacefully for many years. However, 20 years later the Brothers of Stone entered their village to claim revenge. Elosha ordered the Sisters to gather in the village's Great Hall, but on her way to the hall an arrow hit Elosha in the head. Her husband, Fuerst, carried her the rest of the way - and once in the hall he heard the voice of their soon-to-be bunny deity, telling him that he should make her drink water from the well in the Great Hall. He did so and, miraculously, she awoke with impressive magic powers. The other women also drank the water and together they defeated the Brothers of Stone. After the battle, Elosha and the other women pledged themselves as worshippers of the bunny deity. Elosha renamed herself "the Mother" and became the leader of the religious group called the Sisters. Her first command was that they moved to the North and settled in a temple there. The Sisters' sons wouldn't follow, however, and left in another direction.

Book 5 Edit

The Sisters made a pact of peace with the Bloodrage Tribe, and the Bloodrage would deliver food to their temple, until the Bloodrage Chief decided to forsake that pact.

Known SistersEdit

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