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Lord Stoll was formerly the troll warlord leader, commanding an army for a long time. Stoll attempted to capture the gnome city of Mechastone so he could use its ore supplies. His invasion failed when a gnome attack distracted his guards long enough for Krunch to kill him. Although his second-in-command took over, his army was still wiped out by Cale'anon's band and the Gnomes.


Lord Stoll's efforts was always supported by the Bloodrage Chief, as they shared a firm belief in emprical expansion.

At one point Lord Stoll learned the location of the Sword of Truth.

Tales as Old as TimEdit

For reasons unknown Stoll had his army search for Tim and Styx who lived as adopted children of gay parents. Eventually his army found the boys and killed their fathers, then brought the boys to serve Stoll. Many years later, it appeared Styx had become his second-in-command, despite bearing nothing but hidden grudges for his Lord.

Book 1Edit

Stoll moved south from the North and started a war with the gnomes for their land and ore stockpiles, claiming the Pit of Despair and its nearby landscape, and enslaved and killed many innocent gnome women and children. Stoll set up a camp a few days from the gnome city of Mechastone and had Styx act as commander of a portion of the army in his absense. Meanwhile, in Mechastone the gnomes' supreme leader Chief Engineer Toyk hired a group of mercenaries, including Cale'anon, Krunch Bloodrage, Richard and Benn'joon. Toyk tasked Fitch, a warrior of the Mechastone Defense Force, to lead the mercenaries to Stoll's camp so that they could assassinate him silenty, but Fitch accidentally lead them straight into Styx' marching troll army and they were caught. Styx ordered the captives split up, throwing the two magicians in the Pit of Despair, and taking the rest to meet Lord Stoll himself. On the way, Cale'anon and Krunch tried to convince Styx that they were actually on Stoll's side in conflict with the gnomes, and only needed Fitch to get to the troll lord. Krunch even killed Fitch to prove their point. Styx acted like he bought their story and introduced the new allies to his Lord. As Krunch's father was a supporting ally of Lord Stoll, he naturally welcomed them into his army and even offered first rights of plunder and the location of the Sword of Truth if they successfully killed Toyk. However, just as Krunch and Cale'anon had left the tent, Toyk issued an offensive against the troll camp and Krunch used the diversion to throw an axe into the troll Lord's back, killing him as they had planned.

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