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Styx is the warlord successor of Lord Stoll's troll army, raising from the rank as his second-in-command.

History Edit

First Appearance: Page 23

Tales as Old as Tim Edit

Young Styx n Tim

Young Styx and Tim.

When the young troll brothers Styx and Tim's parents revealed that they were gay and that they had adopted the brothers, Styx consulted his retarded big-brother about it. However, Lord Stoll's army attacked their home, killed their parents and brought the boys to the lord himself. Styx managed to get the rank as Stoll's second-in-command, and helped the lord in invading the gnome land, setting up a camp a few days from the gnome city of Mechastone.

Book 1Edit

When the supreme leader of the Mechastone Defense Force, Chief Engineer Toyk, hired a group of mercenaries, including Cale'anon, Krunch, Benn'joon and Richard - he ordered a warrior of the Defence Force called Fitch to lead them to the troll camp. However, Fitch accidentally lead them straight into Styx' marching army. Since the retarded Tim was present with Styx in the front ranks, Cale'anon mistook the army for being Half-breed trolls and openly asked where to find Stoll so that they could go kill him. That was when Styx revealed their intelligence and took the mercenaries into custody. He ordered the two enemy magicians thrown in the Pit of Despair where the troll shamans nullified their threat, and brought the remaining three with himself and Tim to see Lord Stoll. On the way to the lord's tent Cale'anon and Krunch tried deceive the second-in-command that they were actually on the trolls' side in conflict with the war, and Krunch even killed Fitch to prove their point. Styx acted like he believed the mercenaries, and introduced them as allies before Stoll. The Lord welcomed them into their army, but just as they had left the tent, the troll camp were attacked by Toyk's forces. Krunch used the distraction to dispose of the troll lord, but Styx had expected the treachery that would automatically promote him as successor of Lord Stoll, and cleaned his image by ordering his grunts to attack the traitors to avenge the death of their lord. However, the gnome attack proved too fierce to hold back, and Styx escaped with the troll army.

Recently, he appears as part of the North Alliance. He also appears on pages 307[1] and 365 [2].

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