Captain of The Father's Bones


Elosha, mother
Fuerst, father (Deceased)
Benn'joon, daughter



First Appearance

Page 46

Captain Tah'vraay is the skipper of "The Father's Bones," a pirate ship contracted by the party to take them to Kethenecia. She is a dark-skinned elf with a long, white braid of hair and a swashbuckling style of clothing. Her right eye is blood-red and crossed with two scars, and, per Tah'vraay, allows her to "see dead people."

It was hinted at some point in the series that Benn'joon might be the daughter of Tah'vraay and Krunch Bloodrage.


The DaughterEdit

I want to be a Pirate

A young Tah'vraay and her father.

Tah'Vraay was born in the North, a child to the heavily religious Matron of the Sisters. However, at a young age she was abandoned by her mother, when it was revealed she had none of the powers they inherited. As such, she was raised by her father, Fuerst, and eventually became a pirate like him.

Her career in piracy eventually lead her to become captain of "The Father's Bones", with her father acting as first mate. Other than commiting acts of piracy the crew also transported travellers for money, usually taking extra cash to ensure safety from her own crew.

At one point she burned the granaries of the King, which incurred the pursuit of the Legion. Later, she hinted that the King and his Legion owed a debt to the crew of "The Father's Bones", whatever that might be. However, still she had some kind of non-aggression arrangement with Commander Aelloon of the Legion.

Book 2Edit

First Appearance: Page 46

Tah'vraay welcomes aboard her new customers.

Tah'vraay and her crew made port in Tyne, where she made a deal with Krunch to sail his party across the ocean, to a place revealed on Tavor's magical swords. Krunch agreed to the price of 10 gold crowns a piece and purchasing provisions from her alone. Tah'vraay and Benn'joon formed an instant dislike for each other.

Soon, the ship was attacked by a Legion warship. Believing they had come to take prisoners and avenge the granaries, Tah'vraay decided to fight back. The battle concluded with a powerful cooperated strike where Krunch pulled up the Bones' mast, and threw it onto the enemy warship while Richard put the mast on fire. She added the cost of the mast to the travellers' tab. After torturing one of the captured Legion soldiers Tah'vraay learned that the latest attack on her ship was merely to get to Benn'joon and her friends.

They reached the shore of the Ketten Wastelands where Krunch paid 75 gold crowns a piece, and the party went off to search for Kethenecia.

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