The Hctib Diaries

Cover art for the Hctib Diaries.

The Hctib Diaties is the second story of the Non-Player Character-series, featuring a background story for Hctib Elttil. It is illustrated by Hawk.

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Hctib Elttil's son approaches his proud father and congratulates him on finally being assigned as a companion. In the waiting room Hctib reveals to another waiting imp that he is of the 9th circle so that he is guaranteed to be bonded with a powerful warlock. Eventually, he is let into the Portal Chamber and is summoned to the mortal world by Richard. When Hctib returns to his son in the imp realm, he is numb from the earlier encounter. Serving Richard clearly takes a great toll on the imp's life as the warlock is insatiable, and through 5 weeks Hctib's personal life gets completely destroyed, until he finally decides to try kill his master.