The Phares, also known as Elementals, are a race of spirits which have been around since the "dawn of creation" and are tasked with protecting photah (nature). They sealed themselves into various objects, one of which was a chalice. However, Hctib Elttil found the chalice, awakened the Phares and deceived them into believing that a nearby village had stolen all the moisture from the land. In reality, the area was experiencing a drought. One of the villagers named Jarl found the chalice and was possessed by the Phares. The Phares then begun summoning elemental spirits and attacked the villagers.

The villagers hired Cale's group into dealing with the spirits. After Hctib Elttil's defeat the Phares realized their mistake and apologized to the villagers. This prompted Richard into laughing at the irony of protecting people from the Phares.

However, because of the drought the Phares had previously decided to bring back water by flooding the area. The Phares were unable to stop the flood by themselves for they can "guide photah over generations, not in moments". After being bribed by Cale, Richard took the chalice and together with the Phares they protected everyone.

The Phares then accompanied Cale's group, and the villagers to Kethenecia.

The Phares are not seen again until page 449, when Aelloon's spies see them guarding the only path to Kethenecia.

Later, it is revealed that Richard had stolen the Phares' cup on page 783, which he uses to combat the Archmage of Kethenecia.

First Appearance: Page 98

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