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Toyk is a gnome Chief Engineer leading the people of Mechastone and its defense force. He contracted the party to assassinate troll Lord Stoll in exchange for the location of the Sword of Truth. He later has Tim the Troll deliver a message to Cale'anon and the Bloodrage Clan to state that the Gnomes will aid them.


At some point Toyk became Chief Engineer of Mechastone, and commanded the Mechastone Defense Force against the incoming troll raiders from the North under the leadership of Lord Stoll.

He also came to posess the information, where to find the Sword of Truth.

Book 1Edit

First Appearance: Page 19
Toyk and Mercenaries

Toyk and his new mercenaries.

Chief Engineer Toyk was delivered news of 126 lost gnome lives, and another 48 having been encased in a massive block of ice. He commanded that they were to be thawed out, and soon after, the responsible strangers were brought before him, including the elf Cale'anon, Krunch of the Bloodrage Clan, priestess Benn'joon and Richard the warlock. The elf was apologizing on behalf of the others and promised they would repair their damages. Without further ado, Toyk accepted the offer and welcomed them into the Mechastone Defense Force. The other members of Cale'anon's party was not fond of this turn of events, so Toyk mentioned their reward for helping would be the information where to find the Sword of Truth. He guaranteed them this information for a small task - killing the leader of the gnomes' enemies, Lord Stoll. The entire group agreed to this offer, so Toyk and Krunch concocted several battle strategies, including at least a plan A and a plan B, and then the group was sent out to assassinate the target, supervised by a man of the Defense Force called Fitch.

Toyk and Krunch's plan B appeared to be successful, and while the group fought the trolls from within their own ranks, Toyk lead a full frontal assault against the troll camp. The Mechastone Defense Force won the war, and Toyk did as promised and handed over a scroll to Benn'joon which would lead the group to the blade that they were seeking. Tim the troll switched side during the war, and decided to stay as Toyk's companion after the war.


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